About CashCity

CashCity originally started as a family Pawnbroking chain from 1993. Throughout the years the brand and product selection has grown and changed with the times.  The Pawnbroking philosophy however has remained a traditional model which our customers really enjoy.

CashCity is now a leading Pawnbroker and Second-Hand Dealer chain.  With the release of this website, we are the first of our kind to not only offer our own products, but to also offer other businesses and the general public the means to advertise their own products and services for sale right alongside our own.

We've also teamed up to bring you not just CashCity's items for sale, but a wide range of other Pawnbrokers stock throughout the country.

This ensures the visitors to the sight can get a great deal no matter what they're chasing, or where they're located.

We also teamed up with ProCreation Software who provide great Pawnbroking and Second-Hand dealers software, to develop phone apps for both iOS and Android for this site to enable you to have the best experience on whatever device you're using.

So no matter whether you're buying, trading or selling (or even want a loan), we welcome you here with open arms.